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Help & other Important Information

Shopping Information

You can order any of our titles on this site through the paypal secure payment centre (you do not need to have a PayPal account).

There is a flat £2/€3 postage and packaging charge, regardless of size of order or despatch destination. Items are sent by airmail to countries in the European Economic Area and by surface mail to all other countries.

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Buying e-books

The checkout process for e-books is the same as for physical books - you add it to your basket and pay as usual; the only difference is that there is of course no shipping charge. If you buy a mixture of e-books and physical books, the normal flat shipping charge is added to cover postage and packing for the physical books. However, if you subsequently remove all the physical titles from your basket, leaving only the e-book titles, the PayPal basket does not remove the shipping charge. Once a shipping charge is added, PayPal does not seem to be able to recognize that you only have items in your basket to which no shipping cost applies. In this case, you will have to empty your basket completely and then once again add just the e-book titles you wish to purchase.

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Downloading e-books

Once your payment is cleared, you will be sent via e-mail a download link for the e-books you have purchased. This link is valid for 72 hours. Should you for any reason be unable to download the file within this period, contact us, quoting your transaction ID, and provided no attempt has already been made to download the file, we will send you a download link again.

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Saving & copying e-books

Important information for iPad users: If you want to save the e-book file once Safari has downloaded it, you must first have either iBooks or the Adobe Reader app installed. Once the file has finished downloading, you will see a button that says 'Open with' at the top (if you don't see it, just tap anywhere on the page to make it reappear). Select either 'Open with iBooks' or 'Open with Adobe Reader' and the file will be automatically saved in your Library (iBooks) or in Documents (Adobe Reader). Of course, an alternative is to download the e-book using a laptop or desktop PC, then transfer it to your iPad later.

None of our e-books has any Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied. This means that once you have saved the downloaded file onto a particular device, you can make as many copies of it as you like to put onto other devices or for backup. Indeed, we strongly recommend that you make at least one backup copy (on a 2nd device) because if you do happen to lose the file for any reason, you cannot download it again without buying another copy. However, our e-books are licensed for your personal use only - you may not redistribute it in any way.

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Reading e-books

As our e-books are photography titles, the quality of the displayed images is of critical importance to the reader's enjoyment of the book. We recommend that you read our e-books on a laptop, iPad or other device with a similar screen size. It is not recommended to read them on e-book readers such as Kindle or Sony Reader, let alone a smartphone. Partly for this reason, most of our e-books are currently only available in PDF format.

One of the differences between PDF and other formats such as EPUB which makes PDF particularly suited to photography books is that PDF files are essentially 'set in stone' - the publisher and/or photographer will have chosen the layout of images and text to display the images in such a way that best suits the photographer's aims; features such as the ability to reflow text are less important, or even advantageous. Most of our e-books are designed to mimick the physical experience of reading the printed book and there are only a few adjustments the reader should make in order to get the best experience of the e-book.

Once an e-book is opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader, we recommend that you first select the magnification (zoom) to fit the height of the page to the window, by using the menu View -> Zoom -> Fit Height. Next, change the size of the window so that the whole width of the page is visible, while at the same time making the most use of your screen. You also have the option to choose whether you want to scroll through the pages continuously or whole pages at a time (there are buttons on the tool bar at the top of the Adobe Acrobat Reader for this purpose). That's it - you are now ready to enjoy reading! Unlike text-based e-books, as a general rule it is not usually a good idea to zoom in and out of the page when reading photography e-books.

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VAT on e-books

In the case of e-books, VAT at the standard rate is currently levied on electronic goods, unlike printed books which are currently zero-rated. However, we are too small to need to be VAT registered, which means we do not charge VAT on e-books ordered from us.

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