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Early Days of a Better Nation book cover

The Early Days of a Better Nation
by Stewart Bremner

Imagined Images Editions 2015
200x200mm softback, 196pp, ISBN 9780955502637
cover price: £20

This is a collection of political posters and other designs and illustrations created by Stewart Bremner for the Yes campaign during the Scottish independence referendum. It features some of the most iconic images seen during the campaign, as well as many others which have never previously existed in print form as they were only used on digital forums.

Stewart Bremner was the official artist for Yes Scotland but also a freelance graphic designer who created over 1200 graphics for a wide variety of grass roots campaign groups.

Some sample pages from the book can be viewed by clicking here. (Note that the PDF file is from the printers' proof - the book itself will not contain the printers' crop marks in the margins.)

GBP £20.00
EUR €28.00